Thursday 27 August 2015

the sea of love.

My weekend in Devon was heavenly. The weather was warm enough for two beach trips, and I saw a handful of my favourite people. And I even filmed another video! 

I say weekend... I travelled down on the Saturday after work, and stayed until the Tuesday morning. On Sunday, I had a gorgeous day at the beach with my niece and my mum. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery while we were there, and I didn't bring my charger - silly! - but I got a good few snaps before that happened, and took a few with my phone over the next few days. 

Scroll down for lots of scenic photographs, what else I got up to during my stay, and a little video! 

The journey down was beautiful, as always. The English countryside is just so pretty. When I arrived back in Devon, I was greeted by my beautiful mum and a beautiful sunset! 

Sunday morning was a little cloudy, but still warm, so we headed out to the beach! You can find out what I'm wearing in my blog post from yesterday! It was a long, fun, tiring day - mum even saved a dog fish's life! Very eventful, and we were all exhausted when we got home. 

Monday was a stunningly sunny day, so I went over to Paignton to see one of my BFFs who's birthday it was the day before. We snacked on cake, lay on the beach, chatted over some lunch and drinks, and then I headed back to the river. 

I hopped on the ferry across to Dartmouth because lovely Lily was staying above my favourite cafe for a couple of days, with her boyfriend Tom! We sat on the balcony drinking wine and looking out to the mouth of the river, before heading out to one of my favourite pubs - which got VERY rowdy! 

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  1. Lyzi, this is LOVELY! Seriously, I've just watched your video twice because it's made me feel so relaxed and happy. :):) I feel like I've taken a little trip to Devon from my desk...haha! I'll be showing my boyfriend too because I'd love to go camping down there before too long (and especially before winter draws in!).

    Your photos are really lovely, and I absolutely love your swimming suit! So so nice. Really realy good, this has inspired me to start taking some video shots as well as just photos when I'm out and about.

    I hope you have a really great day :)


  2. It sounds like it was a great trip! I'm so glad you've started doing more videos, the ones you've made so far have all been so nice to watch.

  3. Your photography is always so so gorgeous and whimsical! I also love the video! Its really relaxing and inspiring to watch - I may have to follow suit and start shooting candid videos myself.

    Also, your swimsuit is amazing and really suits you - you look fantastic!

    Amyleigh xo |

  4. So cute, looks beutiful :)))

  5. I love the train journey to Devon! I live in Exeter.. sometimes I choose the longer train so I can enjoy it for longer :) xxx

  6. Utterly stunning shots of the beach and YOU! You look divine girl, as 'bee' said, YOUR ARSE <3

    Chloe Mary Davis |


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