Monday 9 February 2015

the simple breton.

You can't actually beat a good striped top, can you? Especially when you pair it with a slick of red lipstick - it's a classic combination which always always looks good, even if you don't feel it (remember that one for when you've got to go somewhere and look respectable, but you feel a bit poorly/hungover!) 

This knitted top from Warehouse is the newest addition to my rapidly-growing striped family. I love that the sleeves are just a little longer than a regular tee, meaning my little arms are kept warm during these cold days. I paired it with a high-waisted navy skirt and white pumps, although I soon had to swap my nude nights for some thick, black tights and popped on some boots to keep my legs warm!! Luckily, such a simple look can go with either! 

I really wish it was bare legs weather already! 

• Topshop lipstick
• Warehouse top *
• charity shop skirt
• ASOS pumps

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  1. You're the most beautiful person on this earth xxxxxxxxx

  2. This is too cute Lyzi, you look divine x

  3. Simple and classic, perfect outfit combo!

    Vanessa xx

  4. You look gorgeous - you're right, this is an outfit that never goes out of style. I'm so tempted to buy this top because of the unusual length of sleeves - I can add it to my collection of 1838373 striped tops... ;)


  5. Love this look, casual and relaxed but still put together! x

  6. You look so cute here, I love striped tops and this is lovely!

    Maria xxx

  7. I really love this outfit! It's definitely got me pining for spring when we can all shed the tights for a little while :)

  8. Great outfit. Really tempted to add that top to my ever growing collection of stripes :)

  9. This is such a perfect classic shirt. I love the length of the sleeves! You're absolutely right that you can't go wrong with a shirt like this paired with red lips!

    Jamie |

  10. SUCH a stripes fan at the moment. I love the longer sleeves on this one as well! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. Classic and simple! I really love your top and you look gorgeous in this.

  12. the asos pumps are lush!

  13. I realised the other day, I have faaaaar too many striped tops in my wardrobe. And then when I went shopping the other day for more tops, I found myself going "ooh that's nice. Oh wait, no, it's striped."
    I think it might be an addiction. I need to seek treatment.

  14. Love this outfit. So simple and so cute x

  15. Love your style!

  16. Don't forget the baguette!


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