Wednesday 21 March 2012

show off.

Hello! As the photo above suggests, I am now open to having your cute little adverts on my blog! They won't really be there on that piece of paper though, that's a lie. They'll be over there ->

I'll be offering three different packages (small ad, large ad, and a blog post feature or giveaway) Advertising begins on the 1st of each month, starting in April, and payment is required at least one day beforehand.

More info and statistics and stuff can be found here!

If you feel your blog or company would benefit from advertising on Being Little, please email me at for rates and negotiation. If you wish to purchase advertising space for more than one month, I'd be happy to cut a deal with you!

Please remember, I am only happy to advertise your blog or company if I think it fits in with the feel of my blog.


  1. Your eyes are stunning in that photo above <3

    Congrats on taking up sponsors! I may be in contact with you soon :)


  2. I love the last picture <3

    Also, how much would you charge for a small short-term blog ad? :D xx

  3. Love these pics, just dropped you an email :)


Thank you for your sweet comments :) if you have any questions please tweet them to me @beinglittle ! x

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