Monday 19 March 2012

crafty creatives!


Isobel and Claire, two super creative 30-something sisters from Scotland (skills under their belts include corsetry, film making, jewellery making, and much much more!) have just come up with Crafty Creatives, which is the UK’s first craft box subscription service!

They plan to officially launch in June 2012, and it will be £10 per month/box, plus p&p (which is in line with the various beauty boxes currently on offer around the UK)

"Each box will have an exciting array of art and craft product samples, plus a seperate craft kit with instructions and supplies. We are particularly excited about the fact that each box will be themed, to help provide inspiration and delight to our members. Contents and themes will be kept a surprise until boxes are delivered!"

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that this is something I'd be super excited about! I can't wait until the first box! Sign up for yours, here!!


  1. This sounds amazing! I've just signed up :) xx

  2. oh wow, lyzi this sounds awesome! have just signed up, can't wait to hear more about it :) hope you're okay sweet x

  3. oooh, my mum and I would love something like this - we're always doing little craft things together x

  4. oh how exciting! If only my purse agreed!

  5. Ooh that sounds amazing!
    Sadly I can barely afford the supplies I actually NEED for work let alone just for samples. :( Look forwards to reading about the boxes when they start though!

  6. Oh wow, this sounds amazing. I'm not into the whole beauty boxes (I'd rather just buy what I know hah) but this sounds like so much fun! Thanks for sharing about this!


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