Tuesday 4 October 2011

artist showcase #2

A new feature for Being Little. Last week's artist showcase can be viewed here!

This week, I caught up with Kate Copeland...

1. Can you give us a little bit of your background?

I studied Illustration at The Arts University College at Bournemouth. I'm currently living and working as an Illustrator in London.

2. Did anything in particular make you go into illustration?

I've always been determined to follow a career in the creative industry. Both my parents have drawing ability and have encouraged my work since the beginning, which is a huge reason I'm an illustrator.

3. What inspires you?

This question is always a difficult one to answer. It changes on a daily basis, a bit of everything really!

4. How do you work?

I like to start work in the morning, with a pot of coffee. I work from home, which is really great but it can be pretty lonely at times as a freelancer.
I'm hoping to get a shared studio space sometime in the future. This will be give the opportunity to share ideas with my peers and work in a creative environment.

5. What's your favourite medium to work with?

Predominately pencil, but I've recently starting working with paints which I'm looking forward to using more colour in my work.

6. Which piece of work are you most proud of?

One of my drawings was recently on the cover of the wonderful Popshot Magazine, which has to be one of my highlights so far!

7. What are you upto right now?

I have an owl t-shirt available over at 2 Many Printers, and hopefully a bicycle tote bag will be available to buy soon.
I'm starting daily painting project in October, where I'm aim to paint an A4 image each day. It's going to be a challenge but I'm hoping it will push my skills and improve my painting ability. Each painting will be signed, dated and will be sale at the end of the day for £20. As part of this project I will be painting stills from films, on request, to coincide with my on-going Film Still project.

8. Anything else you think we should know?

Daily Painting.
Email -


  1. Wow incredible work and the daily project sounds really interesting! I'll be keeping an eye out. :)

  2. Amazing artist! Love the interview xxx

  3. love this, would love to get involved! x

  4. I love this series you're doing - Kate's illustrations are amazing and I love the idea of her daily painting project. I will definitely be snapping up one of her £20 paintings and love the three she's done so far.

  5. WOW, i love the Goonies one :)

  6. this work is amazing! thank you for sharing, this post is such a great idea :)

    Been catching up on some of your posts that I missed too- I love all the teeny bugs in the last one! and found your comment on being freaked out by pregnancy so funny!! im being freaked out by pregnancy a lot lately too, haha :)

    I hope your having a lovely week x x x


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