Thursday 11 August 2011

see you tomorrow!

So tomorrow is the big day! The second South West Blogger Meet is finally upon us! I'm so excited. I'll be waiting for everyone to arrive at the main steps in Cabot Circus, Bristol.

I will be wearing the top in the photo above (and black jeans and DMs) but my hair will probably be down, so I'll look like the photo below! Just so you can all recognise me :) haha! I can't wait to meet everyone.

If you couldn't make it, but want to keep up with how our day is going, just look out for the #swbloggermeet tag on Twitter!


  1. Y U SO PRETTY? Gunna be bloody lovely to see you again!

  2. aw, have a lush day! hope you guys take more pictures than you did last time haha x

    ramz and the flock

    p.s you're so pretty!

  3. have fun!! i'm sure you'll all have a blast.

  4. I love your hair so much! I want hair like that too! x

  5. Your hair is gorgeous!
    Hope you have a good day :) x

  6. Your fringe suits you perfectly, I adore the bottom photo! Have a wonderful day tomorrow xxx

  7. :D See you tomorrow!
    Yay for the fringe :) Suits you down to a T.


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