Monday 18 July 2011

vintage summer fair.

Yesterday, despite the showers, me and Mum went to Stoke Gabriel Summer Fair. There was a 1940's theme and it was really fun, especially when the sun made a brief appearance.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery halfway through, so I didn't get photos of some of the best bits (old school popcorn and candyfloss stand, all the dogs in the show, the amazing juggler dressed in 1940s uniform) but I took a few photobooth photos when I got home to bulk it out.

The mug was by a local artist, and I fell in love with the polka dots inside! There were proper British cream teas, lots of stalls selling all sorts of pretty things, games and music.

I was also reminded of the saddest book in the world - Granpa. My mum pointed it out to me because the illustrations reminded her of her dad (my grandad), so I flicked through to the end to show her why it was so sad. The image of Granpa's empty chair and the little girl asking where he was upset me so much, I actually let some tears slip out. It's almost impossible to get over this grief, it's been nearly 8 years now I think. I miss him so much still and I'm fighting back the tears writing this.

I also came home to find my prize from Emma had arrived! Thank you Emma I love it so much!

I don't want to use the lipstick and ruin the cats face though, it's too cute!!

Finally, I don't think I mentioned the drawing that little Hugo did for me on Saturday! When I told him I was an illustrator, he offered to draw me a squid! This isn't a very good quality photo, but I might scan it in properly sometime because I think it's wonderful.


  1. Very little beats a good old scone with cream and jam! That lipstick is craaaazy, I just thought it was smooshed at first but it's awesome.
    Fiona x

  2. Looks like you had a pretty good day, I am craving a scone with clotted cream now. . .yum x

  3. there's no shame in crying about your grandad, even after 8 years & i think it shows how much you cared for him. it's been over 10 years since one of my friends/neighbours was killed & i still get upset about it. just try & remember the good memories :)

    the fair looked lovely! i love things like this that brings everyone together and celebrates our past. the photos are adorable. x

  4. I love that cute dress :)
    Looks like a great day!!

  5. That lipstick is amazing! I wouldn't want to use it either!
    The fair looks fun, I'm hoping to make my parents village one this year :)
    - Charlotte xx
    p.s that picture is amazing!

  6. Such a lovely post Lyzi :)! Love all of the vintage stuff at that fair, looks like you were right at home! Also I'm tempted to do some grey nails with polka dots now - matches the rainy weather outside eh :(


  7. that fair sounds lovely! and the cat lipstick is too cute - i wouldn't want to ruin the little face either!

  8. That looks like my kind of day out. I hope you enjoyed yourself.x.

    And I'm sorry to hear about your grief. I'm not sure if we ever really get over the loss of a loved one. I hope you have lovely people around you to give you cuddles. :-D

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful day, the polka dot cup is gorgeous!
    I know how you feel about your grandad, my nan died 3 years ago and I still can't talk about her without getting all teary :( xx
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Oh, Granpa really is one of the saddest books ever. They made an animation of it which is almost sadder, because of the music they play at the end... The image of his empty chair is so heartbreaking, and also when she's running about on the autumnal hills by herself... :(
    I was too young to remember my Grandpa passing away but in the years after his death my mum and I would watch/read Granpa together, so it reminds me of her grief. I don't think that kind of grief ever leaves you, really, and even though it's sad and hard, it does show just how special that person was to you, and how they'll never be forgotten.
    On a lighter note - I wish we had vintage summer fairs in my town, looks lovely! x

  11. amazing to find cups that match your nails!! :)

  12. that fair looks amazing! and oh my gosh the cat lipstick is spectacular. my gran died four years ago and i still get weepy at anything related to her as well :( glad to see you're feeling better tho :) X

  13. It looks amazing! So cute! And i love the cat lipstick, its such a cute shape! x


  15. NOM cream teas! So yummy. The cup is so cute too the pokedots look so fab!

    L x

  16. that looks like a perfect day out!!

  17. The cream tea looks delicious. It looks like you had a really nice day out xx

  18. so many wonderful pictures, the teacup and the cat lipstick are just adorable. have you been brave enough to use it yet? i haven't heard of the Granpa book before now but it sounds really sweet (if not very sad) -x-

  19. This looks so lovely, you cannot beat a bit of vintage and a cream & jam scone! & your outfit is gorgeous!


  20. OMG the cat lipstick is the best thing ever.. Love your dress!

    Looks an awesome day out, I'm dying to go to a vintage fair thingy!


  21. ar this looks lush. love your nails too.

    Helen, X

  22. This is insanely cute! I've said this a dozen times but I wish I lived where you live - you seem to have such adorable and quaint places and things to do! Those scones look to die for too!

  23. You look gorgeous dressed for the part! I love you hair, nails, and the cut of that dress! That seems like such a neat fair. I've thought about getting the kitty lipstick but thought the same thing about ruining the face! It just wouldn't be as cute afterwards.


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