Tuesday 26 July 2011

slow days.

Spent the night at Mum's last night because we were going to go up the river on a boat today, but that didn't end up happening :( so I've just been sitting around outside with the flowers, writing and eating cherries. It was SO hot outside, I had to come in and cool down! I'm not used to such stunning weather! I'd kind of accepted the fact that summer wasn't going to happen, but it's only gone and proved me wrong!

I love being here on a sunny day because I can sit outside and not be disturbed by all the tourists that are everywhere now, and the flowers are so pretty. Not to mention my lovely cats and all the free food (ha!) It makes me feel so fuzzy inside when I call for Kimi and she comes running up meowing when she sees that it's me, and finding another cat in a very warm, thick plastic garden bag :)


  1. Love the flowers :)
    I love being at home with my cat too (and the free food)

  2. Beautiful photos of the flowers x

  3. Such pretty flowers! What does your tattoo say? xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Lovely photos :) What does you tattoo say? xxxx

  5. Mmm the cherries look delicious. I like your green jeans, they're very cool ;)

  6. I live for eating cherries in the summer! Good call :)


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