Friday, 29 April 2011

all my eggs in one basket.

There will be juuuust a few belated posts over the next few days because... guess who STILL has no internet? Yep, you guessed it. Sky are absolutely USELESS.

Anyway, Easter Sunday was really lovely. I woke up to a flat full of lovely people after a little party, shuffled around for a while, and then got ready for a scorcher over at my Granny's.

It was SO lovely, especially because I hadn't seen anyone in my family (apart from immediate family) for probably a couple of months! Time really flies.

There were so many different kinds of cake, and an Easter egg hunt, despite everyone being over the age of 13! We had proper baskets and everything! It was such a hot day, which didn't help my hangover, but I really appreciate the sun we've been having.

Hope you all had lovely Easter weekends too!

Dress from Motel.


  1. kitty feet!! that dress is a stunner miss, so summery and kinda nautical, love it.

  2. love the back on that dress, and your tattoos are so interesting :) xxx

  3. Love the dress!! I think you should do a tattoo post, I love looking at peoples tattoos, shame I can't get one for another 2 years xx

  4. will you marry me please!??! lol you are rather beautiful you have reminded me that i need to go and see my granma :) xxxx

  5. that dress is gorgeous! shows off your lovely tattoos! i didn't know you had any :) i love outline tattoos, so dainty. xxx

  6. WOW! I am absolutely fond of your dress. The open back is really cute, and a tiny bit sexy as well ;)


  7. That dress is so cute! Glad to hear you enjoyed the Easter weekend lovely :)

  8. adorable dress. love those little kitty feet. x

  9. gah, your dress is adorable, and i'm so jealous of your easter egg hunt...age is no exception! x

  10. every time you update i just think cuuuuuuuuute, so cute!! what are your tattoos off? cats? i cant make it out. they look so cute though.

  11. ahh, you look so lovely! so happy to see your lil blog appear in my dashboard again :)
    love your tattoos, they all look so unique x

  12. Oooh, look at Lyzi getting her tatts out ;) Lovely dress. Aww, your day sounds amazing. I'm so glad to be reading your blog again sweetie.


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