Thursday 23 May 2019

one for me and one for you - muru jewellery.

Muru Jewellery - being little blog blogger bristol moon necklace fashion blog
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The moon is a symbol of female empowerment.
It reminds us to celebrate the most important women in our lives, because there is no limit to what they can achieve.

When Muru offered to gift me some jewellery, I decided I wanted to share this with someone I love. Matching necklace for me and my kindred spirit. Someone who really deserves something special. 

Muru Jewellery - being little blog blogger bristol moon necklace fashion blog

I have always had a thing about the moon, and knowing it's significance as a talisman meant I had to choose that design. 

I decided to post one to Bee, along with a matching card. It's a surprise, and as I'm writing this, she has no idea. I can't wait for her to open it! 

She has always given me unwavering support. The most fiercely loyal friend I have ever had - she has seen me through thick and thin, and always, always had my back. She does everything with strength - especially loving. She takes no shit, and sticks up for what she believes in. 

Not only that, but she is incredibly talented, and has created some of the most beautifully written pieces of poetry and prose. She's got a gentle and sensitive soul, mixed with a wicked and dark sense of humour. She's sassy AF. She's beautiful.

She's someone I know I will have a deep connection with until the day we die, and maybe after that too. She's very special and she deserves to be celebrated.

Love you, Bee.

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Muru Jewellery - being little blog blogger bristol moon necklace fashion blog

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  1. What a lovely necklace. The moon always brings me such joy to look at

  2. What a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation! It's heartwarming to see how the moon necklace from Muru Jewellery has become a symbol of celebrating the important women in our lives. Your surprise gift to Bee is a testament to the deep bond and admiration you share. It's amazing to have someone who supports us unconditionally and stands up for what they believe in. The description of Bee as a talented, fiercely loyal, and uniquely beautiful person truly showcases the depth of your connection. Wishing you both continued love and friendship.

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