Sunday 7 October 2018

six years here.

I almost didn't write this post. "No one else cares," I thought.

But then I looked up, and the sky was on fire again, and I felt so thankful for this place, for this home, for the people in my life.

Today is an anniversary of a few things, but the one which has taken the lead to become the most important to me is the anniversary of moving back to Bristol, into this lovely little loft room. I've watched the sky change on so many nights since then; so many mornings; so much has happened since then. 


The longer I live here, the more that feeling grows. It's a feeling that I've not always felt - there have been times I wanted to run away to the familiar bosom of the sea any time things went wrong. Sometimes I did. But coming home, back here, has always been the right thing for me. Staying strong, having resilience and forging this life I love. 

These winding roads and rivers have tangled themselves among my veins. My eyes reflect that ever-changing sky I am so obsessed with. 

But it's not just the sky, it's not the river, and it's not the streets that make this place so special to me - it's the friends. It's the people who make this a safe place for me to be myself and be loved. It's the people who laugh with me, and cry with me, spend hours on end with me. It's the people who I love so much I want to burst, who make me feel like this is where I belong. 

I feel so incredibly lucky every single day that I have surrounded myself with the most lovely, creative, interesting and supportive beings. I found them here, and that's why I've stayed. 

Thank you endlessly for making this city feel like home. 

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