Monday 1 January 2018


Cheers to 2018, and all the adventures it will surely bring. 

Reflecting on 2017 has been difficult. I was reluctant to go over the events of the year, due to the depression which tainted the last few months. It felt like it was a waste of time & that I achieved nothing. I didn't feel like sharing anything of my year here, but after seeing some people's year in review on Instagram stories, I felt like that was a manageable, brief snapshot that I could share. The upside of sharing mainly good stuff there meant that it reminded me of all the happy moments in 2017, and they are in my highlights on Instagram

I spent a lot of time with people I love, I formed new and important friendships, I ate amazing food, I visited some beautiful places in the UK. I quit a job I was bored of and found new ones easily. I survived the sads. I might not have conquered any of my goals, but I think that is plenty. That is enough.

Who knows what 2018 will bring. I'm concentrating on feeling good - that is my main aim. 

I hope to feel strong and healthy. I hope to feel content, at ease, and maybe even confident in myself & my choices. I would like to put myself first more, and learn to believe all the good things people say about me. I hope to make my loved ones feel loved.

Mainly, as those closest to me keep saying, I hope to continue to always be myself.

Big thank yous to my special people:

Sam, for not giving up when I abandoned all hope, and for always making me laugh. 

Mum, for being my rock and forever reminding me that I'm beautiful & inspirational. 

My friends, for building me up, and for listening without judgement. 

And you guys, for supporting me, sending me well wishes on my hardest days, and generally having my back.

Happy New Year to all of you, I hope it treats you well! 

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  1. lovely little reflective post! sorry to hear you had some problems with your mental health this year, im in completely the same boat and feel like the good parts of the year were pretty tainted by the overriding shit that was going on inside my head most of the time. definitely trying to chill out a bit more and screw my head on in 2018! much like you :)

    wishing you all the best for 2018, lovely!

    katie. xx

  2. Love you Lyzi! I hope 2018 is kinder to you - depression is the worst. x

  3. Happy new year to you <3 I hope 2018 is wonderful. xx

  4. I hope you will have a great year ahead. Thanks for sharing.


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