Thursday, 7 September 2017

caribbean stew : the mother cooker.

There has always been a little group of girls who are important to me in the blogging world - there since the beginning, the originals. Our lives meander through completely different routes, but they're still there (usually on Twitter) and I like to keep in contact when I can. 

One of these girls is Gem, who has recently turned her passion for food into The Mother Cooker - which I am certain will make it to book form one day, especially after trying out this recipe! 

I'm positive that this is going to become one of those big pot meals that I make again and again.



• 1 large red onion
• 2 carrots
• leftover chicken
• 2 tblsp Dunns River jerk seasoning
• 1 tin coconut milk
• 1 tin chopped tomatoes
• 1 large bag of spinach
• 1 green pepper (and I used an additional red pepper)
• 1 tin kidney beans
• rice
• parsley (or I used thyme)


• Ribbon the carrots, chop the onion and pepper(s)
• Pop the onion in a pan with some butter & half the carrot, and cook until soft
• Add the leftover chicken and jerk seasoning, and mix
• Pour in the coconut milk & tinned tomatoes, mix and simmer for 10mins
• Add half the spinach, let it wilt, then add the other half
• Also add the rest of the carrot and simmer for a further 10mins
• Cook the rice
• With 5mins to go, drain and pop your beans on the hob with some butter OR pour into a jar and cover with boiling water
• Add the peppers to the stew
• Add beans and parsley to the cooked rice, and serve

Oh. My. God. This was even tastier than I expected! It was the perfect meal on a miserable evening. I even ate it for the next 3 days at work and didn't get bored of it at all! 

Jerk chicken is one of my favourite foods as it is, but this puts a different spin on it which I've not had before. The flavours are brilliant, and I really recommend putting extra pepper in if you're a fan of those - but maybe not extra chillis though, as it's spicy enough! 

You can find Gem over on Twitter, Instagram, and her website for more amazing recipes.

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