Friday 17 March 2017

taking time.

I write frequently about the importance of giving yourself time, being kind to yourself, and finding space. It really is integral to enjoying and appreciating your life. 

We are always so eager to rush into things, have everything we want right away, the instant gratification. 

But there is something incredibly satisfying about easing in slowly and cautiously, putting a lot of work and love into something, and reaping great rewards further down the line. 

This goes for relationships as well as work and projects. 

I don't need a day trip to London to remind me that I prefer the slower-paced life (though it was fun to go, and a relief to come home), but sometimes even I need a complete break from life. I get stressed quite easily, and getting away from all the normal, boring life things is so necessary. No email-checking, few boring chores, little social media; just waking up slowly and deciding whether it's nice enough for a row on the lake. 

Our weekend was full of: 

• lazing in the hot tub as the sun went down
• laughing so much I cried
• toasting a lot of marshmallows
• rowing on the lake 
• watching the birds, spotting herons
• cosy log fires & movies in the evening
• walking through mud and fields
• teas and coffees in bed
• feeling happy in my skin
• loving and living quiet moments

I came back to my little life refreshed and invigorated - I felt ready to tackle what needed doing, could make decisions with fresh eyes, and could start moving forward again. I'm still feeling incredibly content and enjoying looking to the future. 

I will talk more about this tranquil place in a future blog post, but I wanted to encourage you to take a real break from life - this weekend, try taking a couple of hours away from everything, or if you're feeling really generous, book a few days for yourself sometime soon.

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  1. So beautiful Lyzi, these pictures are just stunning! x

  2. Hello Lyzi, best wishes for more weekend peace. I've pinned a couple of your gorgeous photographs in my Art pinboard on Pinterest. If you haven't already, you may want to consider selling your artwork. Cheers, Ardith

  3. This is wonderful, slow living is the way to go!


  4. i agree with what you said! your pictures are very lovely, it makes me calm by looking at it :D

    marisa - summerinmarch


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