Wednesday 14 May 2014

26 things learned in 26 years.

Inspired by the 21 things learned in 21 years post on Postcards from Rachel, I thought I'd share 26 things I've learnt over my 26 years, as it's my birthday tomorrow an' all..

01. Tea and sleep make everything feel a bit better.

02. Ask for help when you need it.

03. Be there for friends/family who are in need.

04. Ask your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles about their youth.

05. Save money wherever you can!

06. Challenge your fears and limitations.

07. No matter how much you prepare for the worst, loss still happens & will be difficult to deal with.

08. It's ok to end friendships that don't work anymore.

09. Success is just an opinion - set your own goals.

10. Meeting new people is awesome.

11. Lying in bed on your own, with your favourite TV show & snacks is also awesome.

12. Learn about tax, bills, how to manage your money, etc. It seems boring, but is totally necessary.

13. Be comfortable with laughing at yourself & life.

14. Sometimes the best things happen at the worst time.

15. Always try new foods, or things you used to dislike.

16. If you're unsure about a purchase, or buying something expensive - sleep on it before you take the plunge.

17. You have to make the fun stuff happen!

18. Loving yourself will make you a happier person - make it a priority.

19. Even if you're totally in love, relationships take work and a lot of compromise.

20. Shop locally - it's usually cheaper, more fresh, and you're supporting local businesses!

21. Try not to dwell on all the things that could happen.

22. Always make time for the things that you enjoy.

23. Make sure your loved ones know that they are loved.

24. Learn from bad experiences, and then let them go.

25. Honesty is always the best policy.

26. And throughout all of this, don't be too hard on yourself.

We're always learning, and I still forget these things from time to time, but they're in there somewhere! I wish I could go back 10 years and tell myself all of these things.

What important lessons have you learnt over the years?

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  1. These are perfect, Lyzi! Thank you for the shared wisdom; I'm 28 and still have a lot of these to learn ;)

  2. I love this list especially no.1, no.6, no.10 and no. 15. I'm always trying new foods these days especially ones I used to dislike

  3. Such true words Lyzi. I need to do 4 a lot more.

    I've taught myself to say Yes more, and to learn to let go after something makes me angry or upset. Lifes to short...

    Have a fabulous birthday tomorrow x

  4. I absolutely love this and nodded my way through every one! They are all so, so important and like you I wish I'd known them ten years ago! I wonder what the next 10 years will bring in terms of new knowledge? I am hoping to learn how to worry less and let things go... xo

  5. I need to remember 21 and 24 most. I dwell so much on the possible and the past that I don't fully appreciate the present. It's hard.

    Love this post :)

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  6. Love this post! Happy birthday for tomorrow :)


  7. What a beautiful post, thank-you so much for writing such comforting and honest words. They've definitely made a huge difference to my week.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope your day is truly wonderful and full of everything you wish. Have a brilliant time. [:

  8. Loved this! What a good list, agree wholeheartedly with all of them - I'm a similar age to you actually.

  9. Totally agreeing with all of your points - particularly number 8. I struggle with some of them, and find 18 impossible but I know they're all things I should be doing. Much love x x

  10. Lovely post
    L x

  11. This is a wonderful post, I totally agree with learning and letting go, and loving yourself more. Can only hope I gain as much wisdom in the next 3 years. Happy birthday for tomorrow! xx

    Sarah// A Sunday Smile

  12. I think people should be given these on a little poster when they leave school, I know I certainly need to do a few things more

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

  13. This is an incredible post and just what I needed to read today, really brilliant advice :) I may have to print this out and stick it on my fridge hehe ;) Have a lovely birthday!
    Love Holly x

  14. lovely post! there's not one that i disagree with!

  15. Loved this post and have to agree with them all!
    :) xx

  16. These are great! Everyone should know these! Love it.

  17. Love all of these! I live by most already but I'm learning number 4 whilst it's becomming too late. Happy brithday! xx

  18. Yes, I totally agree.
    Number 22. Making time for the things you enjoy. Would you believe it's took me 24 years to actually start doing that... one of the most important changes I've made to my life.

  19. These are great Lyzi, I totally agree! :D

  20. Thank you for the shout-out. I absolutely loved this post and you're gorgeous! :)

  21. These are all so true and important. For me, number 2 (always asking for help) is especially necessary! Hope you've enjoyed your birthday x

  22. Love this Lyzi! I really needed to hear some of these right now <3 xx

  23. I love this. it's simple, great advice!
    xo, Samantha

  24. It's so true, a wonderful list! Also, happy belated birthday to you, lovely :)


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