What made you start blogging?
Initially, to document my art. However it's evolved into what you see before you.

Why "Being Little." ?
I'm quite little and have had many nicknames revolving around this fact - Little Lyzi, Lil, Little Legs, Little Head, Tiny.. etc. The blog is about my life and what it's like to be me. I also wanted it to have an innocent, childlike feel to it.

Who designed Being Little?
Me! I designed pretty much everything you see with pencils, paint, photoshop.. I am not some kind of html wizzkid - I just use the blogger layouts! If you need any help with anything, or want me to design something for you, just drop me an email!

Can I put an ad on your blog?
Yes. All information on advertising can be found here!.

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS, and occasionally the camera on my phone or iPad. You can read more about how I take and edit my images here.

Do you sell any of your things?
I do indeed sell some of my handmade/hand drawn thingies, along with some vintage goodness over at the Being Little Shop. I also have a Shop My Wardrobe page which is often updated with things from my very own wardrobe! Both need to be updated at the moment, sorry!


How tall are you?
5'2 or 3 -ish.

What size clothing do you wear?
In most shops, I am a size 8-10. I also sometimes wear men's t-shirts and cardigans. My feet are size 3.

Where do you shop?
I do a lot of online shopping - ASOS is my bae, and Zara is a close second favourite. I also love charity shops, vintage shops and markets.

How big are your flesh tunnels?

What tattoos do you have?
A cupcake behind my right ear, an icecream behind my left ear, 2 cats on my back, a moon on my left wrist, "devon pride" across my toes, and another kitty, a moustache and a padlock on my left bicep, a banner reading "let go." on my right wrist, a rose chafer & some wild roses on my lower leg, a trumpet on my right bicep, a Bukowski quote & bunch of flowers on my thigh, a bunch of English garden flowers on my upper arm, a hot air balloon on my ribs. You can read more about my tattoos here.


Where do you live?
I live in Bristol with a lovely lady & 2 lovely boys.

How old are you?
I'm 27 years young (I don't feel it!)

What did you study at uni?
I studied illustration at UWE (Bristol), but had to leave after a year and a half due to illness.

What illness do you suffer from?
I'll try and condense this answer as much as possible! In 2009 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and was told there was no treatment, and I'd just have to rest and wait it out and hope that I got better. More recently, I was diagnosed with suspected Hypothyroidism, am on medication and have been making improvements. I've also suffered from depression and anxiety.

What treatment have you had?
I don't really want to discuss all my medication details on the internet, but if you're suffering from the same/similar things and want to know my experience, feel free to email me at beinglittle@hotmail.co.uk. I also had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help with my anxiety, and have found it one of the most useful things I've EVER done. Again, if you'd like to know my personal experience of it, email away!

Do you have a day job?
Yep! I'm a part-time waitress, and it's super fun. 

What are your cats called?
The cats - who live in Devon with my mum - are called El Hefe, Phoebe, and Kimiko.

If you have a question that I haven't answered here, or just want to chat about something, email me at beinglittle@hotmail.co.uk !

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