Thursday, 9 January 2020

now studio yoga.

It's January, and you may have decided to take up a new form of exercise or to be kinder to your body.. if that's the case, you need to know that there's a new kid on the block in Bristol, and it's VERY lovely.

I've spoken about how much of an effect yoga has on me emotionally on here before (read my post about yoga brunch club) - I find it such a wonderful experience to think about and connect to my body in a different way that it has made me cry during practice many times in the past.

How I feel about my body has definitely improved over the last year or two, but I still have a strained relationship with food and exercise. I am trying my hardest to lean away from that into a kinder frame of mind, and things like this really help.

Before Christmas, I was invited to check out Now Studio in Easton. I was a little apprehensive, as I hadn't done much exercise in a while, let alone yoga - I thought I wouldn't be flexible enough, or strong enough.

The day was to involve restorative yoga - and this sounded like something I really needed, whether it would be a challenge or not - followed by lunch and a floral workshop.

I headed over to Mivart Studios and made my way up the stairs to the artists' studios, and followed the signs to Now Studio. The welcome was warm, and I was so pleased to see so many familiar and friendly faces there. 

After some conversation over warm cups of Love, we headed to our mats ready for practice. 

Now Studio10 ©Kasia Kiliszek
Now Studio14 ©Kasia Kiliszek
Above two photos by the wonderful Kasia Kiliszek.

We were guided through our restorative yoga session by Pip - founder of Now Studio. She gently directed us to lie in different positions, concentrate on our breathing, and do what felt right for our own individual bodies. 

Turns out the only challenge was fully switching off. I spend so much time "on" - working, socialising, home life, losing myself in social media, and all the other things I fill my mind with - that I needed someone to tell me to relax and clear my mind. I didn't realise how much I needed someone to tell me to slow my thoughts and be still. 

There were moments during practice that I felt so peaceful that I could drift into sleep, and there were moments that brought me back to my body and made me feel so grateful for all the things it's capable of. 

I felt so blissed out when it was over.

Once we'd all regained consciousness, we floated downstairs to Dela for lunch. They do a great selection of brunches and lunches, and all in a beautiful setting. I sat on a table with Sus and Pip, and we had a lovely time chatting about yoga and life and everything. 

Back upstairs, and the studio had been set up for our floral workshop with Loulabel. We made smudge sticks out of lots of lovely foliage and tiny, beautiful crystals. 

I highly recommend heading over to Now Studio to try out their yoga classes, and it is also available as a photography studio!

Check them out @NowStudioBristol

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  1. Oh it looks so lovely! I've never done Yoga before but my body has been increasingly achey and sore over the last few years so I looked up some simple yoga stretches to do every morning and I hope that helps. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to go to a class.

  2. That studio sounds wonderful - I love that you were able to have lunch and create your own smudge sticks! I did a two hour New Years yoga class and I felt so amazing afterwards. It is kind of funny how we need someone to tell us to quiet our thinking in order for us to do so.

  3. Gosh, this looks and sounds gorgeous, Lyzi. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve pulled out my mat, but I think I may have to give myself a stretch tomorrow. I always forget how good it feels until I do it. (I can also relate to the strained relationship with food and exercise, I think I punish myself too much. Hopefully I can manage that in a better way this year.) xxx

  4. I love this!

    What should a first timer expect from a Yoga class?

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