Monday, 4 April 2016

playing catch up #3.

It's been a little while since my last round up post... well over a month. So it's about time we had a proper catch up. Grab a cuppa and join me, won't you?

Firstly I want to share this great article I read at the end of Feb - To Anyone Who Thinks They're Falling Behind In Life

My looooovely mum came to visit me in Bristol for the day. We had yummy lunch, and Lily took some photos of us for a Mother's Day blog post. I was so sad when she left! 

I blogged a wishlist full of my favourite pinky tone.

One of the photos of mum & I was featured on Next's Instagram account.

I mentioned in the last catch up that Sam & I went to Mathilda's Chilli Bar - and I blogged about it here.

Enjoyed a bit of running up to Ashton Court on a cold, gritty morning.

Two of my best girls came up from Devon for a whooooole weekend and we had lots of giggles, food, drinks, and classic sleepover times. Including telling ghost stories! 

I was invited down to Pieminister's new restaurant to check out their Meat Free Mondays thing (50p off veggie pies!) and to try their newest creation. I blogged about it here!

Treated myself to strawberries in a cute pink bubbly bath - I used the Pink Flamingo bubble bar from Lush.

I also did something raaaather exciting - booked flights to Canada & New York for September! OMG.

Bee and I made our way up to gorgeous York for a few days of wandering the cobbled streets, drinking lots of tea, and checking out the literature festival. Check out my mini guide to York here

A bit of a personal one. I shared this image from my trip away last March. I was in a really bad place then (mentally. I was in the sunshine physically.) and it was kind of nice to see how far I've come and how much better I feel now. I feel like I still have some healing to do, but I'm definitely headed in the right direction.

At least I got this blog post out of it!

I made this super yummy butternut squash soup (recipe coming very soon!) and then went to see The Witch with Sam. Makes you feel really uneasy, but I didn't think much of the ending. Definitely would recommend it though! 

I prettied myself up as best I could, and made my way over to Whitchurch for an absolutely lovely wedding. It was such a beautiful day & I got to catch up with lots of lovely people that I hadn't seen in a little while. 

If you're interested in what I wore, you can find out here!

Despite feeling raaaaather hungover after the wedding, I met up with one of my good chums and we went up to Wahaca to check out their Spring specials and drink a few tequila cocktails.. why not eh. See what we thought of it here.

Bought myself a few treats from Lush - Golden Egg, Dragon's Egg, and The Experimenter.

One of my good friends in Bristol has recently got a super cute kitten. You may have seen him on my Instagram account a couple of times! Well, recently Sian & her husband went away for a wedding, so I was lucky enough to cat-sit for the weekend! We had a blast. Lots of cuddling and playing. I miss you, Ron!

My ears were finally back to normal, so I got back in the swimming pool - yay! I also found that I fit comfortably back into some trousers that I haven't been able to wear for a while... little victories!

Emily and I shot some photos for The Whitepepper in a colourful underpass! It was a lot chillier than it looks... hoping to share the photos with you very soon!

I was kind of enjoying my long, slightly straggly hair, however...

It was time for me to claim my prize of a haircut & colour at Myla & Davis!

This is the finished result - a little lighter and a little shorter. Nothing crazy!

But as you can see, I couldn't stop taking selfies. I just love a good blow dry!

Sam & I took a trip down memory lane (for him anyway, I don't remember this show) and watched all of Aquila - a kids show from the 90s. Next up we're going to watch Jeopardy, and Stig of the Dump. When will we grow up.

I made some yuuuuuummy Spring cocktails just in time for Easter weekend! Check out the recipes here.

One of my Devon friends who now lives in London was in Bristol with his wife & her buddy, so I met them for a delicious lunch at The Stock Exchange Bakery

We also had a drink by the river, because that's what we do when the sun shines in Bristol. I met up with them again after work for "just one drink" and got home at 3am. It was so good to see them! 

A grey journey down to Devon.

Had a delicious lunch & hair of the dog at Rumour in Totnes with my dad. Oooo that steak.

Had a hungover nap back at my mum's and a little furry man woke me up!

Easter bath! This Golden Egg from Lush made a pretty weird coloured bath (greeny yellow) and it was full of glitter! 

Mum baked this beautiful clafoutis - thinking of sharing the recipe soon, if anyone is interested?

Easter Sunday was the perfect family day - full of crafts, an Easter egg hunt, and lots of snuggles with cute little ones.

As always, I was sad to leave!

I shared this pale monochrome outfit on the blog - one of my favourites lately!

Treated myself to some fresh flowers.

Had a little date with two of the girls from work. Look how cute Aysha's lemonade float is!

I joined the gym - whaaaaaat! Continuing my quest to feel stronger and healthier, I joined my local gym, as running just wasn't the one for me.

A beautiful Spring sunset.

All the yumminess.

I picked up my holiday money! If any of you have any recommendations for things/places to see/do/eat/drink in COPENHAGEN, please let me know in the comments!

Another perfect Spring evening.

There's a running theme in all these catch up posts, and that is my baths. I just love treating myself to a good soak a couple of times a month, and all the goodies from Lush just make them too pretty to not share. This bath was made pretty by The Experimenter. 

Semi-celebrated Sam's birthday with some cupcakes and fridge cake. Proper celebrations will hopefully happen soon!

I definitely didn't make any cheeky online shopping purchases. Ok I did, but this striped top (below) had been on my wishlist for aaaaaaages.

I've also been rather happy with how my Instagram has been looking lately! Follow me if you like what you see! You can also follow me on Snapchat with the same handle - being_little.

So that's been the last few weeks for me! How have yours been?

As I mentioned above, and just in case you've forgotten, please give me any recommendations you have for Copenhagen - I fly Friday morning!

In the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to another BlogClub, as well as a photo walk with some bloggy babes.

I'm not really sure what the rest of April holds, but at the moment it's quite nice to not have too much planned!

Have you got anything exciting coming up?

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  1. Such a lovely round up of photos (and delicious looking food!) I really love these posts of yours. Id love to hear how you get on with your gym membership as I'm constantly playing with the idea of joining my local gym but I'm kind of self conscious.

    April is going to be a little bit of a slow one for me but I'm super excited for my nieces 2nd birthday next week and also pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking a calligraphy class at Quill later this month.

    Have a lovely week :)


  2. Such a lovely catch up Lyzi. Wish we lived closer and could eat lots of nice food and have loads of chin-wags together! Hope you have a lovely time in Copenhagen xx


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