Monday, 16 November 2015

black friday wishlist!

black friday wishlist

Remember Black Friday last year? It was terrifying. I don't think I left the house that day for fear of getting trapped in some kind of sales-frenzy-stampede. I've even seen a few stores announce that they won't be taking part in BF sales this year, instead spreading the discounts out to avoid the chaos! 

I did, however, buy a few things online, and I most likely will this year too! Any excuse to create a wishlist - things for myself and for those I love. Here's the kind of stuff I'm hoping to pick up in the John Lewis Black Friday sales next Friday (27th)... fingers crossed.

• man on the moon mug - yeah, we've probably all seen the advert.. and yes I did well up. Lonely old people are my weakness. Also, y'all know I love the moon! This would be a cute gift for anyone. • glass glitter mushroom - I'm hoping Christmas decorations will be in the sale - perfect excuse to stock up on a few new baubles. • We're Going On A Bear Hunt pop-up book • Incy Wincy Spider board book - I sometimes struggle getting my nieces presents as they already seem to have everything, but books are always a good call! • red pine cone garland - because it's cute. • Busy B large family calendar - I use a family calendar to organise myself as I like to separate work, blog, personal stuff, and this one has a fun pocket! • Macbook in gold! - I've been toying with the idea of a new Macbook for a while now as mine is slowly dying, and this one is just sooooo pretty. Please please please can it go into the sale so that I can justify buying it! • Agent Provocateur underwear set - new underwear is always nice, and this polka dot set is just the cutest! • ombre table top tree - kinda looks like a neon toilet brush, but I really like it! • Christmas holly socks - new socks are a Christmas essential. I'm hoping to see things like this in the sales so that I can buy them for everyone! • KitchenAid stand mixer - I don't think I need to explain this one, do I? • Neom Christmas wish candle - I've been going through candles at an alarming rate recently, and Neom make some of the best ever. Rather pricey though, so it'd be nice to see these in the sale so that I can afford to make my room smell Christmassy! • abstract leaves gift bag - because it's cute. • rabbit pyjama set - pyjamas are also a Christmas essential, and these ones are just SO CUTE!! I want to hide inside that bunny hood. 

Black Friday is on November the 27th this year... brace yourself!

Are you hoping to get any bargains in the pre-Christmas sales?

• This post was written in collaboration with John Lewis, but all words & opinions are my own! •

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  1. The rabbit pyjamas are so cute!! I won't be going out shopping that day, I might have a browse online so if I can find any bargains!

  2. I love love this post and the items in it! I just wanted to make you aware, you might want to change the title of the post potentially at the moment, just because Parisians and the French are naming the 13th November black friday in light of recent attacks. I appreciate you might not know this, but some shopping outlets are adapting and changing the name due to this. Great post as always though, having read your blog for ages I'm very sure you just weren't aware! :) x

  3. I love Black Friday, and while I normally brave the storefronts every year, I think I may just go with the online deals (+ Cyber Monday) this year. I'm hoping stores like Opening Ceremony and Reformation have some good deals!
    xx Alyssa

  4. i love it all! esp. the rabbit pyjamas!!!!

  5. I completely forgot about Black Friday until seeing your post you know!! I best get writing a wish list pronto haha. Love that underwear set, new underwear is always a must. And that candle, I'm a self confessed candle-holic.

    Georgina x | petite thoughts

  6. Loved this post and I love the fact that you use a family organiser just for yourself - it is SUCH a good idea, I just currently try to cram everything onto one calendar and it just looks messy and doesn't really work so I think I might take a leaf out of your book on this one! xx

  7. I keep getting very tempted to buy a macbook!! x

  8. These are great choices. I've got my winter buys already but will be doing some serious wishlisting.

  9. Last year I didn't find any *uhhhmazing* deals on Black Friday. Nowhere near as good as Boxing Day! I like Fat Face's idea, this year instead of discounting they're donating their profits from the day to local and national charities :) xx

  10. I would love both the KitchenAid and a Macbook but can never justify to myself spending that much!:( A Macbook in gold would just be lovely though! x


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