Sunday, 24 July 2011

feast your eyes #5

Hello, here are some of my recent favourite images from my tumblr again for you to look at whilest I'm away. Recently I've been really attracted to bright, colourful images! Most of them click through to their source.

If anyone knows who did the illustration of all the whales etc swimming into those pants, PLEASE let me know because I love it! I hate it when people on tumblr don't link back to the source!


  1. awww i love the baby room x

  2. i loveeee that whale photo! amazing

  3. Lovely collection of images!
    I especially like the notebook one - my bag is full of scraps of paper at the moment. Pay day is tomorrow and I think I'm going to have to treat myself to an actual notebook!

  4. loving the colours! hope you're having a fab time away xx

  5. awesome stuff:)

    they should be a search engines where you upload a photo and it finds the original source.

  6. I love the leopard print coat in the 2nd picture xx

  7. there ACTUALLY is a search engine for images. Google Image Search (:
    And the search gave such a result:


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